D. Howard Hitchcock original painting of a grass house with Douglas Fir tree and wooden clothesline, Windward Oahu near Kailua Beach with Mokulua Islands in background, circa 1900

Oil on canvas painting by D Howard Hitchcock of a grass house in Windward Oahu near Kailua Beach with Mokulua Islands in the distance, circa 1900.  Measures approximately 14″ X 20″ in the frame.  Professionally cleaned and covered in UV protective plexi-glass.  Purple spots are due to reflection from the plexi-glass and not on the canvas.


D. Howard Hitchcock, Grass Hut, Windward Oahu, circa 1900



Joseph Nawahi, Hilo Bay, Hawaii, circa 1880, 20″ X 40″

Joseph Nawahi, oil on canvas, unsigned, circa 1880, of Hilo Bay looking towards the snow-capped summit of Mauna Kea.  Measures approximately 20″ X 40″ in the frame.  One of about six paintings by Nawahi are known (Forbes, David, Encounters With Paradise c. 1992).  Extremely rare opportunity to own one of Nawahi’s most beloved subjects, Hilo Bay with Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa in the background.

Joseph Nawahi, Hilo Bay, circa 1880

D. Howard Hitchcock oil on masonite diorama painting, Haleakala Crater, Maui, 50″ X 80″, looking east to the Big Island of Hawaii, signed and dated 1925

One of the largest D. Howard Hitchcock paintings ever done, this diorama is of Haleakala Crater, looking eastward to the island of Hawaii (Big Island) with the snow-capped summit of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa situated above the clouds. This is the largest, 50″ X 80″ in the frame, of five large paintings Hitchcock was specially commissioned to paint for the owner of the InterIsland Steamship Navigation Company in Hawaii. This painting hung in the steamship Haleakala and still is in its original wood frame.  Passed through descent it remains in the original owner’s family.  Signed and dated 1925, restored in 1936, (by Hitchcock), lower left. D. Howard Hitchcock, Haleakala Crater, Maui, 50" x 80", signed and dated 1925, restored in 1936







Avi Kiriaty, Fishing Catch, 1993

Original, unframed, oil on canvas painting by Avi Kiriaty, 1993, of a man and woman with a fish catch over their shoulders.  Signed and dated lower right.  A canoe and shoreline are in the distant background.  Measures approximately 30″ X 40″.

Avi-Kiriaty, Man and Woman with fish catch, circa 2000


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